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Fallas: Fiesta of Fire
“Foc” is Valencian for “Fire”, but you’ll be forgiven for screaming out a very similar-sounding English word while watching either the Cabalgata de Foc (Parade of Fire), or the Nit de Foc (Night of Fire). Because these events are foc-ing insane… Read More

Mar 26, 2015

Buñuelos: The Traditional Snack of Fallas
Throughout Fallas, the smell of smoke and gunpowder is unavoidable on the streets of Valencia… but another odor is almost as prominent: that of greasy, deep-fried goodness. On seemingly every other corner, there’s a stand selling buñuelos. A sweet, delicious artery-clogging nightmare, buñuelos are Valencia’s favorite festival snack… especially good when dipped into cups of thick, rich chocolate… Read More

Mar 24, 2015

La Ofrenda — Flowers for the Virgin
One of the most important events of Fallas is la Ofrenda, when tens of thousands of traditionally-clad falleros and falleras converge on Valencia, bearing flowers for the massive wooden figure of Our Lady of the Forsaken in the Plaza de la Virgen… Read More

Mar 24, 2015

The Monuments of Fallas 2015: #7 – #12
Fallas is over. And the monuments which, for a few brief days, graced the streets of Valencia have been reduced to ash and smoke. But we’ll always have the pictures! Here are the monuments which made up the bottom half of this year’s sección especial, as voted on by the judges. But that doesn’t mean they weren’t great — some of these were among our favorites… Read More

Mar 21, 2015

The Monuments of Fallas 2015: #1 – #6
During Fallas, approximately 600 monuments are constructed around the city, but the very best are in a category called the Sección Especial. This year, we visited all twelve monuments in the top section. Considering how much time and effort the artists put into them, it seemed like the least we could do… Read More

Mar 20, 2015

La Plantà — Fallas Comes to Life
Early on the morning of March 15th, before the sun has even appeared in the sky, the artists of Valencia are hard at work. This is the day of La Plantà, when hundreds of fallas, or monuments, are erected throughout the city… Read More

Mar 16, 2015

The Romería a la Magdalena in Castellón
We tend to get so wrapped up in Fallas fever, that we forget about festivals happening in other places. Luckily, we have friends to remind us. This year, one such friend took us to Castellón for the Romería a la Magdalena… an eight-kilometer pilgrimage which seemingly the entire city participates in… Read More

Mar 13, 2015

El Cant de l’Estoreta
Among the first events on the Fallas program is the Cant de l’Estoreta, when the history of the festival is presented to the public. But whom should be entrusted with so solemn a task? Why… little kids, of course… Read More

Mar 11, 2015

The Illuminated Streets of Ruzafa
A major part of Fallas is its competitions. Paella championships, sports tournaments, fallera pageants, and of course the selection of the year’s best monuments. But the most dazzling battle takes place on the streets of Ruzafa… or rather, above them. A few casales compete each year to erect the city’s most mind-blowing streetlights… Read More

Mar 10, 2015

A Concise History of Valencia
As one of the major cities of the Mediterranean, it’s no surprise that Valencia has had a tumultuous history. From the Rule of the Romans to the Reign of the Rita, this city has experienced a lot. Here’s a quick run-down of some of the major events which have shaped Valencia throughout the years… Read More

Mar 09, 2015

Artists in Action at the Ciutat Fallera
The plantà on March 15th can seem a miraculous occurrence. Just like on Christmas morning, when children come downstairs to find presents under the tree, Valencians come onto the streets to find gigantic monuments erected all about. But it’s not magic: we visited the North Pole of Fallas, Ciutat Fallera, where a community of artists are hard at work, busy as elves… Read More

Mar 07, 2015

The Exposition of Ninots
Before they’re placed within their Falla, the best ninots from every Fallas commission are displayed in the annual Exposición del Ninot at the Nuevo Centro. Like so much at Fallas, this is a competition… and from the ninot’s point of view, the prize is of utmost importance. The best one, as chosen by the general public, will be spared the flames of the Cremà… Read More

Mar 06, 2015

The Mascletà: A Most Valencian Invention
Who loves fireworks? The color, the sound, the visual spectacle? Of course, we all do. It’s universal! Now, who still loves fireworks minus the color and the visual spectacle, leaving basically only the sound? Hmmm, not very many of you have kept your hands up… just a bunch of maniacs wearing blue and white handkerchiefs. Oh, let me guess: you’re the Valencians… Read More

Mar 04, 2015