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The Exposition of Ninots
Before they’re placed within their Falla, the best ninots from every Fallas commission are displayed in the annual Exposición del Ninot at the Nuevo Centro. Like so much at Fallas, this is a competition… and from the ninot’s point of view, the prize is of utmost importance. The best one, as chosen by the general public, will be spared the flames of the Cremà… Read More

Mar 06, 2015

The Mascletà: A Most Valencian Invention
Who loves fireworks? The color, the sound, the visual spectacle? Of course, we all do. It’s universal! Now, who still loves fireworks minus the color and the visual spectacle, leaving basically only the sound? Hmmm, not very many of you have kept your hands up… just a bunch of maniacs wearing blue and white handkerchiefs. Oh, let me guess: you’re the Valencians… Read More

Mar 04, 2015

Valencian Pilota
The unofficial sport of Valencia is pilota, which is a type of handball played in long halls known as trinquets. This fast-moving game is like a mix between volleyball and tennis, but looks a lot more painful than either of those… Read More

Mar 03, 2015

This Is Fallas
Every year, regular life in Valencia comes to a screeching halt, as the city gives itself over to Fallas: a spectacular celebration of art, light, noise and fire that runs from the end of February to March 19th. It’s a festival unlike any other, and comprises so many different elements, that we felt a concise explanation might in order. What is Fallas, exactly?… Read More

Mar 02, 2015

This Is Valencia
By far the biggest cities in Spain are Madrid and Barcelona: these two dominate the country’s media, culture, tourism and (especially) sports. But what comes next? What’s the Chicago to Spain’s New York and Los Angeles? That, my friends, would be Valencia… Read More

Feb 26, 2015

La Cridà: Ja Estem en Falles!
The last Sunday of February is a busy day in Valencia. It starts early with the despertà, which awakens the city with a bang. There are events throughout the day, including pilota matches, marching bands, and a mascletà in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. But Fallas doesn’t officially begin until the evening, with the celebration of the Cridà… Read More

Feb 25, 2015

Wake Up, Valencia
It’s the last Sunday of February. You’ve purposefully forgotten to set your alarm clock, hoping to enjoy the deep sleep of early morning. As you nestle in your comforter, just as cozy as can be, Valencia looks upon your resting figure with a smile. But it’s not a smile of maternal tenderness… in fact, it’s more of a smirk. And then the explosions start… Read More

Feb 24, 2015

¡Hola Valencia!
Hey there, Valencia, did you miss us? After nearly five years spent traveling the world, from Tokyo to Bolivia, from Iceland to Sri Lanka, we’ve returned to our adopted home. I’m from the US, and Jürgen is from Germany, but this Spanish city on the Mediterranean Sea is where we’ve decided to settle down. And it’s about time we show the world why… Read More

Feb 23, 2015